Geeta Mandir Bus Port - A Hubtown & GSRTC Public Private Partnership Project

The old Geeta Mandir Bus Terminal area where Prime Minister Narendra Modi began his working life as a humble tea seller has been completely transformed. It looks nothing like what it was earlier. The chaos will no longer be visible. The mess has disappeared. In its place there are two large complexes that loom, creating an international looking skyline. They loom over the night sky as two large complexes, two landmarks. One is where buses will arrive and depart and other where commerce will thrive, from brand new shops, markets and offices.

The Bus terminal itself is no longer a ‘terminal’. It is like an airport. That’s why we proudly call this development a ‘Bus Port’. And the adjoining
complex, with its unique tri-colour lighting is designed as a throbbing commercial hub, a buzz of business activity.

The Bus Port, with its swank kite fascia retains its old inclusiveness and the humblest of bus travellers will continue to avail this modern air-port like infrastructure. The iconic signature design and modern architecture, the insulated, controlled environment will now play host to travellers from all walks of life.

The Bus Port is replete with amenities and comforts such as efficient online booking, computerized bus schedule display, comfortable deluxe waiting room, modern food court and multi-cuisine restaurant, hi tech safety and surveillance with CCTV and metal detectors, handicapped friendly ramp and battery operated golf carts, RO drinking water and an expansive basement parking. This is a wholesome complex, fully equipped with shopping, offices, medical cilities including a pharmacy and educational facilities.

The Bus Port was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Gujarat Smt. Anandiben Patel. Some features at the Bus Port symbolise the transformation of India. These include a Mahatma Gandhi Coin on a huge wall right at the entrance representing inclusive infrastructure. Then immediately inside the grand entrance is a looming Sardar Patel wall with his statue, that tellingly symbolizes this development as one where thoughts and words have been translated into inspired action. And immediately thereafter is the Narendra Modi wall, a picture of modern India, which stands for transformational development, and the ability to envision the best and find the right people to put it in the ground. The Geeta Mandir Bus Port is one of four such developments of Hubtown, with the others located in VadodaraSurat & Mehsana.

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