Meet Our People
Sameer Sawant
AVP - Operations
7 Years

Experience working at Hubtown.
It has been 7 years full of learning, sharing of knowledge and growing along with the company.


Your Career path and growth at Hubtown.
I have started as an Engineer and now I am AGM (Operations). I have grown with the company, which has grown both in turnover as well as in size.

What is it that you like most about the company?

There are many things which are worth mentioning about the firm. A few of them are freedom of sharing ideas, friendly working atmosphere and less hierarchal and stubborn management. I feel that Hubtown is not like a typical organization as being here feels like being part of a family.


What is your most memorable moment at Hubtown?
Recognition by top management for my hard work at the Orchid Park project is the most memorable moment of my career.

Shweta Patil
AVP - Corporate
10 Years

What has your experience working at Hubtown been like?
Working with Hubtown has given me the experience and exploration to the 4 keys to success which are Motivation, Education, Actions and Relations. Management in Hubtown has always motivated me, educated me, allowed me to make innovations in work and build relations. Till last year working with Hubtown was like working with your own family, but slowly the trend is changing. Now Hubtown has become a far more professional organization. As the organization develops it gives a chance for the employees also to develop and grow with it.


Your Career path and growth at Hubtown.
Hubtown happened by chance after my graduation in 2001. I joined a sales team of 6 people as a Telemarketing Executive. As years passed I was exposed to various verticals. Today the team size is more than 50 people in Sales. A team of almost 30 people is with me supporting the after sales service of the customers.


What is it that you like most about the company?
Management at Hubtown is very warm and helpful; be it to customers, vendors or employees, thus Hubtown has many loyal customers, vendors and employees. Though Hubtown is a business house, it also has a major share in social activities. SRA scheme of Hubtown has helped Mumbai to get rid of slums and garbage zones that lead to various ailments. On a personal level I have got the chance to explore various things, which might have not been possible elsewhere.


Your most memorable moment at Hubtown.
Every moment in Hubtown is memorable. To name a few: the Initial Public Offering (IPO) of Hubtown, restructuring of the organization, development of new systems in the organization and various major project launches


Name: Shrenik Mehta
Vice President (Operations)
12+ years

Experience working at Hubtown:
It has been an amazing experience at Hubtown which has made me a true all-rounder. I have been given opportunity to work in Sales, IT, Liasioning and to head a huge construction project. It started with one of the JV's of Hubtown wherein I was in Sales offering an online portal and PMC concept to various developers. Then management asked me to streamline the IT function. During my tenure as IT head, all suggestions regarding new concept / technology were readily accepted by the tech savvy management which was a real morale booster for me and my team. This enabled me to implement the best solutions for the organization for emails, back-ups, storage, networking, virtualization, servers, connectivity, Biometric, CCTV, Oracle ERP implementation, payroll application and various others. Once done, management asked me to take a bigger role and challenge to head one of the prestigious & complicated projects in South Mumbai which I am handling successfully.


Your Career path and growth at Hubtown:
Joined as a Sr. Manager (IT), became head of the Information Technology dept. in 2 yrs. Implemented various systems including Oracle EBS ERP and IBM Lotus suit during my stint in IT for 6 years. Then, moved to lead construction project as a PRP (Project Responsible Person) and heading a big JV project in South Mumbai which will become one of the most talked about project in the times to come. It’s like running a company handling all the aspects right from execution, Liasioning, finance, accounting, admin, engineering etc, attending board meeting, presentation at various levels, meeting various government officers and much more. A truly rich experience.


What is it that you like most about the company?
Easy to approach every one, excellent working environment and eagerness to adopt new technology.


Your most memorable moment at Hubtown.
It’s difficult to choose but I am going to put two:
1. Recognition to Information Technology as a separate department in construction co. and putting
faith in me to head the dept. during my short tenure with Hubtown.
2. Given responsibility to lead one of the biggest projects of Hubtown as PRP.


Name: RK
EVP/D&D & Chief PRP
13 years

Experience working at Hubtown:
This is a very dynamic organization that is never afraid to lead the way in embracing new technologies and ideas, be it in terms of design or execution, both of which also happen to be my passions. Hubtown’s top team is known for design excellence and this has led to a sharpening of my skills as I (along with all our team leaders) am constantly challenged to deliver better products for our customers


Career growth at Hubtown:
This is my second stint at Hubtown, I had left a few years ago and have now returned. Initially I had worked as a design consultant on a limited number of projects and found myself enjoying the experience to such a degree that I decided to rejoin the organization. Career growth here is very rapid for those who focus on delivery and team work; I came back at Consultant level and was soon asked to take over the role of Chief PRP


Like most about Hubtown:
The warm and friendly atmosphere, seeing how staff members of any department can walk into any HOD’s cabin and clear up issues, guiding younger team members to bring their talents to fruition, thus helping both these young people and our company along the path to growth.


Memorable moments:
Really too many to list down, everyday is a new day, a new challenge to overcome, a new peak to climb. All I can say is: its’ been a great ride and I’m enjoying and treasuring every moment

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